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O-town is the name of the fictional city in which the animated series "Rocko's Modern Life" took place.

(thats old-skool nickelodeon for all you little kids :-P)
Supposedly located on the border between Michigan and Canada.

Rocko and Heffer live in O-town.
by kirE April 25, 2006
An abbreviation for "LaserDisc", an obsolete 1980s video disc format, almost entirely eclipsed by VHS tapes and DVDs.
Damn, that LD is as big as a (bleeping) LP!
You mean a record?
Yeah, a record. LOL
by kirE May 07, 2006
Short for "television set". (or TV set). You know, that thing you watch when you're just chilling out at home.

Frequently spews forth dismal reports on the state of the world, pop-culture airhead fluff (such as reality shows), and who can forget the soaps.
"There's only one set, so whatever you watch, you know I have to watch it too."
-- Weird Al, "The Brady Bunch"

Turn on the d*mn set! Hey, where's the remote???
by kirE May 25, 2006
In addition to the other definitions, a tranny chaser refers to the multitudes of creepy guys who stalk and/or lust over the Myspace profiles of transgendered individuals - including crossdressers.
Tranny Chasers often seem to:
"Straight" or "bisexual" as their status.
Married, or have children and a family, yet list themselves as "single".
In their 30s and 40s, or older.
Have nothing but transgendered people, crossdressers, or fetish clothing people, in their friends list.
Fat, or rather unattractive.
Claim that they are "accepting of other gender types" or that they seek a "relationship" with a t-girl. (in reality, they probably are just longing for sex with one)
Never talk to you, just add you, probably for the reason of seeing the other t-girls on the friends list, AND, most importantly, so he can have access to your pictures and jack off to them.
OR, on the rare occasions that they try to initiate conversation, they come off as nice guys, but its soon clear that they are just wanting to cyber.

Speaking as a t-girl in her 20s, it's rather disconcerting to know that such perverts lusting after me.

F*ck tranny chasers. Seriously.
by kirE August 02, 2009
A social networking site, similar to myspace, et. al that is usable ONLY by certain college students and highschoolers. In other words, a private little elitest club for students afraid to leave their campuses, even online. Hard to believe, but there are interesting people in this world who aren't in college! -crowd gasps-
Dude, facebook is cooler than myspace - there's no ads!

I shoulda written that essay instead of facebooking last night.
by kirE April 23, 2006
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