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the clicky sound ya make wit ur tongue when ur lookin down on sumbody
mama-did u kno johnny boy got put in jail??
papa-TSK TSK, i alwayz thot he was a good ol boy!
by kinkyC November 10, 2002
bangin, boinkin, doin the nasty, freakin, gettin it on, lacin it, screwin. HAVING SEX!
Dat whore over derr wanna kno if we cuttin!
by kinkyC November 10, 2002
a gal that moves from guy to guy, like a butterfly from flower to flower!
she's such a butterfly, can never stay with one guy for too long!
by kinkyC November 10, 2002
for real, jackass!
dude, fareal? thas tight!
by kinkyC November 10, 2002

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