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11 definitions by kimmy

my baby! da best damn rapper up in herre!
"Hey did you see dat sexy piece-a ass walk by?"
"Hell yeah MOFO dats DMX biatch"
by Kimmy June 09, 2003
170 117
A drink made of lime, water, and sugar.
Screw lemonade! The world needs more limenade!
by kimmy November 05, 2004
25 3
is someone who is over happy
your sister has when the lottery and she is getting all happs.
by kimmy March 12, 2005
33 23
1. To be fantastic, but on a great level with dreams of marshmallows and gumdrops. 2. Renee's word.
Ice cream is orgasmically FANTAMASTIC!!
by kimmy January 24, 2005
2 3
In another terms, "Good Luck." or "Break a leg."
"Chill out, pop a knee." -Jesse McCartney
by kimmy January 05, 2005
5 6
a type of pheetle position used when a person, particulary a man, is scared out of their mind when the person their about to do confesses they are either a Bisexual, or the girl has a penis , or the guy has a virgina
Man, once she pulled that talliwacker out i went into the Lamani to avoid rape.
by Kimmy January 15, 2003
0 1
kimmy's hairy legs!!! yes thanks to kim's lovely family and friends she got that nickname
wow hairy cactus, I really want some cheese!!!
by Kimmy July 19, 2004
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