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From not wipeing your arse properly, you get dry pieces of shit on your arse hair
Luke Harrington has bear shit nuggets
by kieran April 09, 2004
One of the best consoles to live, had games such as Shenmue 2 which still sells for the Xbox, a 'next generation' console today. A lot of other titles including sonic adventure, are on 'next generation' consoles. £25 in gamestation
I love my Sega Dreamcast.
by Kieran February 28, 2004
The English and Japanese (and yes, better) name for the Sega console, namned in america and Genesis
Yay! My megadrive is better than your Genesis!
by Kieran February 28, 2004
its when you take a shit in the ocean. Usually after the doing the big brown water snake floats up next to you.
dude i was at the beach yesterday, and that mexican food fuckin' got to me. Thank god i was wearing bord shorts cuz i took the fattest fucking aqua turd in the world.
by kieran May 06, 2004
The act of scoring from the exposed underwear of members of the opposite sex. When a colour of underwear is spotted, the spotter will then shout out the score, which corresponds to the score given to the balls in snooker. This also allows plenty of gratuitous letching by spotters mates.
Red = 1 point
yellow = 2 points
Green = 3 points
Brown = 4 points
Blue = 5 points
Pink = 6 points
Black = 7 points
White = -4 points
Commando = 147 break!
by Kieran January 17, 2004
"Fooaltiyeman" is a blending of the words "few ill tell you man" which is derived from the fabled prick dialect.
fooaltiyeman if i dunnae get a fucking fag
by Kieran January 30, 2005
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