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A stupid name for Fire Emblem General Board goers, made up by the FE7SBians, much like the FESBian name. This name is NOT endorsed by the FEGB users.
Smapdi: HAHAHA! Let's strike the FEGtaBles hard!
by Kent July 26, 2004
Slang term for Meth that dealers use over phones.
Yo man, I got your white lady, AND i got the evil cousin!
by Kent August 14, 2005
A comic written by me, Kent. Hence the "K". Very close to what really happens in this plane of existance. Dear God, help me. I need new friends. Two are gay. One moslests me on a daliy basis(girl). Also know as KTMS or My horrible life. (I had trouble figuring out a title)
KSHM is the funniest comic EVER!!! Read it.
by Kent November 05, 2004
Drug dealer, mainly pot
Man the towns dry... You got a hook?
by Kent January 24, 2005
a lord of good qualitys
thats a good lord u got there fella
by kent July 24, 2004
Really a misspelling of FE7SBian.
......it's really FE7SBian, and should be treated as thus.
by Kent July 19, 2004
Inclined to engage in and enjoy kinky or unusual sexual activities.
That ho be a li'l freaky mcnasty; she always like to be tied up when she get pounded.
by Kent October 08, 2003

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