37 definitions by kent

Hilarious Rapper, listen to song "keep on fuckin me" for example
Too $hort is fuckin awesome!
by kent May 11, 2003
Slang for steroid
You got any roids?
by kent May 03, 2003
To Copy.
I xeroxed ten pages.
by Kent October 22, 2003
A person who farts in the bath tub and then attmepts to eat the fart bubbles.
Jon is a snarfer.
by Kent June 15, 2003
One of the greatest butt metal bands of all time. 80's, great.
Dude i'm going to the Guns 'n roses show! Sick!
by kent May 11, 2003
1. (noun, English) The euphoric and/or pleasurable sensation induced by the Xbox video game "Halo." Usually experienced during massive multiplayer experiences, or when the player hears the cue word "killtacular."
2. (verb, English) To experience a halorgasm.
"When that 16-person Halo game started up, and I immediately got ravaged by four rockets at once, I had the best halorgasm of my life." or,
"Gunning down everyone on the blue team made me halorgasm hard."
by Kent October 23, 2003
Is three or more girls all licking the pussy of the girl in front of them in a train shaped layout.
Damn thats a good looking sushi train.
by Kent November 08, 2004
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