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A Japanese cinematic monster. Debuted in Frankenstein Conquers the World. Burrows underground and fires a heat beam from its mouth. Reddish in color. Has an appetite for humans and livestock. Also appeared in several Godzilla movies.
Watch the following movies:
Frankenstein Conquers the World
Destroy All Monsters (small cameo appearance)
Godzilla-Mothra-King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack
by Kent February 03, 2004
Fat, pink, pokey guy from Dragonball Z. A guy I'd like to put between some graham crackers and roast over a fire. With chocolate.
Dodoria got his ass delivered by Vegeta.
by Kent February 09, 2004
1. (noun) A Halo player whose key obligation is to run in front of or behind the player who is carrying the enemy's flag, with the objective of using his/her "meaty" body to stop the bullets from reaching their target.
"Kent is an awesome meatshield. We should make that his name."
by Kent October 23, 2003
one who is easily taken advantage of sexually but who is very attractive and put together however loves the D
That dirty potato put her number in my phone while I was cleaning myself up
by Kent March 26, 2004
KAN BU EH, meaning FUCK MOTHER. A Hokkien word of anger.
KBE! This toilet damn stink!
by kent February 05, 2005
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