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The impolite way of asking a black person to be repeat themselves. May also be taken as a friendly gesture.
Harry: I fucked Helga last night after beatwalking then I gave her a bubble beard she had mad squeamy gash.
Tom: You're a bear stuffer. That'd give me mad insta flop.
by Kempo May 10, 2006
To walk to the beat while listening to music via your earphones. Usually done to Rap beats, with your feet landing on the snare drum.
"Ah man, I was going to school and I was beatwalking to 2Pac"
by Kempo March 06, 2006
The process of selling your vagina for money. Also known as prostitution. Used in common talk and not to be taken offensively. But probably will be.
Yo girl, gash for cash?
by Kempo May 05, 2006
A response to something that is really unfunny.
Alan: I fucked your mum last night hahahaha.
James: ...arf arf.
by Kempo August 26, 2006
This is when you get in line for a ride at a theme park, yet towards the end of the queue your nerves take over, and you decide against it. Then you have to walk back through the crowd while they subtly intimidate and laugh at you, hence walk of shame.
I was gonna go on Colossus with a friend, but once we got to the end of the queue I pussied out and had to do the theme park walk of shame.
by Kempo September 06, 2006
A guy who has anal sex with an unattractive, large, hairy female.
Matt: Mate, I fucked Helga last night
Kyle: Eww, she's hairy and fat, you're such a bear stuffer!
by Kempo April 26, 2006
The sensation of your erection instantly dropping when you see a particularly ugly female species. Can be used with the phrase boom.
I saw Helga earlier after getting with Amy, she wasn't wearing underwear. BOOM, insta flop!
by Kempo April 27, 2006

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