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grabbing her by the wrists while she is on her stomach and you are hittin it from the back
I was giving her a snowmobile when all of a sudden my only thought was "heaven"
by keegan May 15, 2003
1. Annoyed
2. Irritated

(Peeve: to get on one's nerves, to get under one's skin, etc.)
Cyrenne was a little pissed and rather peeved when she saw that the slow trafic was going to make her late.
by Keegan September 17, 2004
A slang term of the word 'confused'.
Mike: "So are you?"
TJ: "Am I what?"
Mike: "Going out with her?"
TJ: "Her who? I dunno what you're talking about... I's confuzzled!"
by Keegan September 17, 2004
A very stuborn person. Usually used for men.
Wife: "He's just so... so..."
Friend: "Bull headed?"
Wife: "Exactly. I get so frustrated with him somtimes."
by Keegan September 17, 2004
1) Used when someone misunderstands something.
2) A short saying sometimes used when trying to sound inoscent.
Cyrenne "Why did you glare at me lastnight?"
Mike "Err... Wot?"
by Keegan September 17, 2004
1.) A past tense of confuzzled.
2.) A slang term off another slangterm (confuzzled). *rolls eyes*

(This'll probably be conscidered lame/stupid and deleted, but meh whatever.)
Cyrenne: "Why didn't you answer me earlier?"
TJ: "Your questions confuzzleded me."

Mike: *Looks around at the chaos* "What's going on? I'm confuzzleded."
by Keegan September 17, 2004
Slang term of I'm or I am. Litteral meaning: I is...
TJ: "???"
Mike: "I's so happy! My bro just got Halo 2!"
by Keegan September 17, 2004

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