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A cartoon created by the guy who did Power Puff Girls. It is about a 8-year-old named Mac who is forced to give up his imginary friend named Bloo. There are other characters including Eduardo, a mexican imginary friend; Terrance, Mac's bro; Wilt, a red imaginary friend; Frankie, a 22-year-old; Madam Foster, a old lady who runs the house; Herriman, a rabbit; Duchess, a fugly slut; and Coco, an insane thing.

The plots are interesting and creative, the characters are likable. A lot of the jokes use adult/crude humor, thus making the show not for children. Oh, and it's very funny!
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is very funny!
#funny #cartoon #house #mansion #imagine #friend #buddy
by kcfkcfcv May 07, 2006
A cartoon created by Joe Murray, creator of Rocko's Modern Life. It is about a monkey named lazlo who goes to a camp called camp kidney. It is okay, but sometimes it's really wierd.
Camp Lazlo is funny at times but really wierd.
#camp #lazlo #lazo #cartoon #lalo
by kcfkcfcv May 01, 2006
a very very very wierd anime...makes no sense at all and has no plot...Don Patchi is one of the characters, he is a cross-dressing sun, the show also mocks other animes like Pokemon...and thats why I like it! YAY!
Bobobo-bo-bobobo makes fun of Pokemon LOL!
#anime #pokemon #cross-dressing #sun #don patchi
by kcfkcfcv May 08, 2006
An awesome rapper from Houston. He does the song ridin'.
"They see me rollin, they hatin, patrollin they tryn'a catch me ridin dirty, tryn'a catch me ridin dirty, tryn'a catch me ridin dirty, tryn'a catch me ridin dirty, tryn'a catch me ridin dirty." - chamillionare
#ridin #dirty #chamillionare #crooked cops #meh
by kcfkcfcv July 13, 2006
fcc=faggy cocksucking cunts

A horrible overprotective organization of idiots who catar to those retarded easily offended hardcore Christians.
The fcc can suck my cock and lick my ass for all I care!
#fags #idiots #retards #wimps #cocksuckers #cunts #pirate radio
by kcfkcfcv May 07, 2006
Like, the best cartoon ever...next to south park! It's funny and offensive!!!! That's why I like it!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
Drawn Together is on! LOL!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#funny #offensive #comedy central #lol #lmao #rofl
by kcfkcfcv May 23, 2006
blind folded sex, shoving a lightsaber up a girl's cunt, ice on titties, chocolate on my balls, nipple burning, ice cream sunday on my naked body, piss on me, shit on me, oral sex with someone's ear, squeeze that pinapple juice on my dick, fucking a girl's ass with a pickle, putting squeeze-cheese on a guy's ass, go skeet-skeet-skeet all over my hair, go cum-cum-cum all over this bananna now shove it my liquid nitrogyn and nitogliseryn covered ass, and many other uncountable very exotic sexual acts.
kinky is defiently not vanilla.
#vanilla #fun #adventurous #exotic #non-vanilla
by kcfkcfcv June 05, 2006
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