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18 definitions by kaworu

British colloquial: Impressive, wonderful
According to Metro the Pet Shop Boy's musical "Closer to Heaven" was "Stonking! 4 stars!"
by Kaworu April 12, 2005
1) slang for condom
In the course of one debauchery-filled night with his buds Jason went through about four party hats.
by Kaworu June 30, 2004
1) Someone who consumes feces for sexual arousal.

See Rush Limbaugh
For someone who will never get laid, Dan certainly is the biggest scat muncher I know!
by Kaworu June 30, 2004
adj. The state of having been beaten down.

see pwned
By the end of fencing class Emily was so whooped by Whitney that she cried. Whitney laughed because Emily is a bitch.
by Kaworu June 30, 2004
noun. A real buddy or paisan.
You know, you've been my number one home slice for about ten years now. Thanks.
by Kaworu June 30, 2004
1) commercial vaginal lubricant that advertises itself as "second only to nature"
After experiencing masturbation enhanced with astroglide Whit felt that all her years of masturbation before had been for nothing!!! Second only to nature?! It beats nature using a 2x4 with a nail stuck through it!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kaworu July 03, 2004
verb. To bleach hair.
Dayyuumm check out that chick. She obviously frosts her hair, that's hot.
by Kaworu June 30, 2004