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a term of endearment, when you wanna compliment and insult youre friend at the same time!
hey wats up taternuts!!
by katotool April 16, 2007
a liquor or vatiety store owned by someone of middle-eastern dissent.
pull into ghandi mart see if they have buy one get ones!
by katotool April 16, 2007
turd of gigantic proportions, causing much pain and discomfort
screaming..... this is a corn honker of a turd!!!
by katotool December 08, 2007
someone who thinks he/she is smarter than you, and thinks he/she can pull the corn over youre eyes!
that dude is a freakin cornswaggler!!
by katotool April 16, 2007
someone who is extremely aggravating or a pre teen!!!
wats that tooler doing?
by katotool April 16, 2007
a semi or full pack of cigarettes(tays)
pull into ghandi mart i need tays!
by katotool April 16, 2007
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