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The long, tall, relatively giant, male sex organ with a length proper for dime piece and 5 star trick. Many lesser ho will experience ejaculation to merely a branch of the Giant General Sherman Sequoia.
"I've got a Giant General Sherman Sequoia, myself, it's a mouthful."
by kariusvega October 31, 2011
When one female is out messing about in a disguise of sorts to avoid being recognized.
"Girl.. It's good, we'll go incognitho."

"I barely recognized her in that pink wig with all of the make up. Best public hook up yet! She was totally incognitho!"
by kariusvega October 30, 2011
Pooping in a Vacation Poop Location where one is captured and intrigued by one's surroundings whilst unloading.
Greatest Vacation Pooping Location was at the top of that mountain we hiked. I'll sure tell you what- never been greater Scenic Pooping. If only you could see.. Now all I need is a blumpkin while Scenic Pooping.

Women's restrooms are great Vacation Poop Locations, especially for one seeking a Scenic Poop, nice pictures to look at and flowers to smell while taking a crap.
by kariusvega March 22, 2012
Spending enough time in the shower not necessarily to include the act of sexual masturbation, but to be masturbatorily self indulgent.
"Tony, you are now taking a Masturbatory Long Shower. Turn off the water and cover yourself immediately."

"Holding the shower for an hour. What a wank!"
by kariusvega November 15, 2011
The inability to enjoy a particular persons creative expression due to personal associations or personal feelings of superiority to or of the known party.
Amazed fan of a popular artist "Dat beat doe.." -proper appreciation of selected work
Personal friend of the very same artist "Simple ass nigga.." - Simple Ass Nigga Syndrome in full effect
by kariusvega November 03, 2014
Going Titanically Hard As a Mother ***er. Putting the ice berg into the hamanity of going ham, and the icicle into Ralphie's eye, after he went hamberg with a Red Ryder BB Gun.
Crewman: "There's no way we'll dodge it!"
Captain: "Hambergin' it."

"Goin' hamberg in the rental!"

"I will drop kick this Hamberg"
by kariusvega December 05, 2011

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