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A person that is basically an angel in every way possibly her personality is gorgeous her looks outstanding and she is overall the best person that u will ever meet :]
"She looked amazing haircut awesome must be sequoia!":)
by masterfulboar October 07, 2009
A very strong-minded, deep, loving woman. Likes to be the 'boss' of all bosses. Very strong morals. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T! SEX BOSS
GIRL: damn she sure is bossy.
GIRL 2: yea, she must be Sequoia.
by MrTrickTrick March 16, 2010
a sequoia is a person where she will always keep everything 100 with you, they don't lie nor do they like liars. sequoias are the type of people who you would love to be around. sequoias are the most beautiful girls ever seen. never get them mad or it will be dangerous for you. sequoia is a sexy,flexible,intelligent,and honest person. they are to be great dancers and love everyone. everyone loves sequoia and sequoia loves everyone else. sequoia will be the best girlfriend to ever have. no matter what she is loyal and always have her boyfriends back.
omg look, its sequoia..omg she is soo sexy look at her
by babygirllolo March 13, 2016
A very long revolver of large caliber with a five round cylinder and lengthy barrel. Used by some of the earliest cowboys, lawmen, and gunslingers. Almost all specimens are beautiful weapons. Some are just too damn old. Unless you like that sort of thing. No one will judge you.
Cowboy 1: "Hot damn! That new sherriff''s got himself a sequoia!"
Cowboy 2: 'Whistles'
by ||Boone|| November 12, 2011
a very large, stiff, solid, erect penis. a cock so hard and huge it takes multiple attempts to reach the top.
1.that mike has a sequoia in his pants.

2. dont take him up the ass, he's got a sequoia!.

cock stiffy
by some guy name mike October 23, 2009
1) A presidential pleasure barge.

2) The copper-skinned plaything of the filthy and rich.
For a small fee, anyone can ride on the Sequoia. Just as long as you remember that Leroy is her captain fo shizzle my fat black black emporer.
by Suprisingly Strong Pimp Aura August 08, 2005
A sexy crazy asian sensation girl who laughs like a flamingo. Even though she is actually French Indian Scottish and Norweigian. She is an expert on how to make gourmet pot stickers and serving sweet and salty chex mix.
Sam: Check out that chick dude, she's HAWT.
Fred: Yeah dude that girl is fine! Id tap that!!
Same: Shes definently a SEQUOIA!
by k-k-k-kaci February 21, 2008
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