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17 definitions by kaboom

A female with a large ass and large thighs
DAMN! that bitch got some ga-toe Boo-tee
by Kaboom June 16, 2003
An idiotic school run by a band of fascists, where 85% of the student population should be taken out back and shot for general douchebaggery. Students have muscle cars that their parents bought them, such as mustangs, Camaro's, and Chargers. A tiny amount of people there actually understand that cars aren't about what you can buy, but what about you can build. Most girls at the school are stuck up whores, ugly, whales, or don't know a dick from a lawnmower. Few are worth talking to, and even fewer are worth dating. Most guys are douches that can't grasp the fact that everyone wants them dead. There are few exceptions to this rule, and a lot of those are hopeless romantics that know how to treat women decently. By the time you're a senior there, you have a list of people in your head that you want dead. People have shown up hammered, high, tripping balls, and some fucker got tased in the courtyard in '10. Some chick got expelled for fucking her boyfriend in the bathroom, and the middl

e stall in the guys locker room has so much shit drawn inside it. For a visual example, please Google Terminal lance #31: Shitter Graffiti.
Hey Ben, what school do you go to?
Viera High School.
I'm so sorry you go to that sorry excuse for a high school.
by KaBoom January 14, 2014
A stupid bitch with a sandy grand canyon vag, which probably has bodies stored in it, who thinks she is the chancellor of Germany in the 1930's, but in reality, she is just a stupid bitch who works at god awful Viera High School. She is a dictator about using technology and having fun. It seems as if it is her personal goal to censor the use of all technology. To that I say, censorship is to art as lynching is to Justice-Henry Louis Gates. 100% of the student body thinks this woman should land on an anti-tank land mine. Her bottom bitch, Mrs. Mijuskovic, or however you spell that god damn name, enforce shitty rules that have sent the school right down the shitter, and out to the Atlantic Ocean. where exactly she should be because SHE IS A FUCKING 40 TON WHALE.
Student: Hey dude, check this out! This helps me understand this math a lot easier!
Mrs. Huffman: Technology! 1 detention, and this IS MINE!
Student: But Mrs. Huffman, it helps us with our homework!
Mrs. Huffman: *Walks out of room*
by KaBoom January 28, 2014
The name for the supposed "spirit" group at Viera High School, filled with douchebags, sluts and those who left their brain in the dumpster. The slogan "I believe that we will win", goes down in history as one of the most idiotic attempts at making something creative.
Andrew: Hey Jessica, are you a member of Hawk Nation?
Jessica: Why yes, I am!
Andrew: I'm sorry, I don't communicate with those affiliated with that scum.
by KaBoom January 14, 2014
Any pornographic image or video.
Nick is amazed by the amount of scrimshaw on the internet.
by KaBoom January 12, 2014
Mike Drunkbeater is a professional redneck-style comedian. He performs as part of The Redneck Comedy Tour with Stink Fleaman, Walt Abernathy, and Larry, the guy who works for the department of water and power.

He is well known for his famous quote, "Oh that dog of mine!"
Mike Drunkbeater is coming to town!
Oh that dog of mine!
by KaBoom January 24, 2014
The definition of beached whale. She parks in handicapped spots with her giant ass truck, even though being morbidly obese doesn't count. She and her her bitch counterpart, Mrs. Huffman believe technology is the definition of Satan, EVEN THOUGH SHE USES HER GODDAMN PHONE IN FRONT OF THE STUDENTS. If you use your phone, you don't need to worry about Mrs. Mijuskovic, because you hear her from motherfucking China coming down the hallway. But be aware, Mrs. Huffman is always sneaking around and hiding behind the fat that ensues! If you go to Viera High School , do your best to call her out on her actions and film it. Maybe it'll get this hypocritical cancer out of the school.
Look out! Mrs. Mijuskovic is coming!
*Pictures fall off wall*
*Eats phone*
by KaBoom February 14, 2014