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The Capital of the world, only rival New York. Incorporates the best of both Europe and America. Unlike in New York the Tube stations are Clearly signposted. Unlike New York the streets are all squigley and it is really really old. South of the river Thames is a mythical land that those on the North talk about in nervous whispers, but it actually isn't that bad and is fast becoming the only place in the city besides cardboard boxes that is affordable to live in. Stand in the middle of the Millenium footbridge and turn around in a 360 degree circle. Go on the London eye. Don't visit the London Dungeons. Go shopping on portabello road, or in Camden, not in Covent Garden. Go to the opera in Regent's park, and to speaker's corner in Hyde park on a sunday afternoon. Trafalger Square in the evening, Leicester square at mid-day. Karl Marx and Charles Dickens are buried in Highgate cemetary. Ealing is queen of the suburbs.
All of life is there.
by k8 May 02, 2004
Used as a replacement for yes, of course, blatently, i agree, why not or anything in the affirmative.
GW Bush should so be kicked out of the White House...blates!

Oh yeah, blates!
by k8 May 05, 2004
Often used when insulting someone, as a comeback.
"you cracka imma bust a cap in yo ass"
"Do you kiss jo mamma with those lips nigga?"
by K8 August 05, 2004
A really cool or good looking guy, comes from the Norse word meaning literally "Thor-born" (son of the gods)
I told that thurber straight up, "I want to have your children."
by K8 March 30, 2005
some one who suck dick usually 2 more dan one person
She gave head 2 five in a line, shes a dirty nosher
by K8 November 04, 2003
First big Irish boyband of the 1990s, comprising Ronan, Steve, Shane, Mikey and Keith.
Have been ripped off by the far inferior Westlife.
Ronan now a crappy solo artist
Steve happy and gay
Keith on a Soap
Shane racing cars
I have boyzone CD's hidden under my bed
by k8 May 03, 2004
embarassing name to call someone(boyfriend/girlfriend); also can mean little and cute
your such a shmookems!
by k8 October 31, 2004
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