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Lethal lookin he used to go to my school left in 6th year
Brad pitt
by wild st ciarans girl December 02, 2003
cool customer never panics cool under presssure
Peter Canavan
by Jimmy neutron December 02, 2003
Ronan is a brilliant person he has lots of friends and he has a really good personality he really likes technology and is an expert with it he fancies one person until he gets out of school he is a really good boyfriend to have he won't leave you or cheat on you he is always kind and caring he is very generous and once he's made a friend he'll be loyal to them unless they disrespect him
Ronan being defined is cool
by Legitman123 June 11, 2015
little seal in the sea
ooohhh, look at that ronan over on that rock
by Ben Crawford November 11, 2003
These really amazing guys can sometimes be found asleep on a friend or strangers sofa at 6 in the morning during an Electro party. A Ronan, with his alluring and sofisticated manner both entrances and encapsulates his audience to a degree by such that any argument he is making seems to have a Zen like clarity of logic. This characteristic is often mistaken by others for genius. Probably the most wonderful humans on the planet.
1: "That guy is so amazing I think he just changed my whole perception of reality he's a Ronan if I ever met one!"

2: "Man that cult leader nearly pulled a Ronan on me."

3: "Man that guy is funny, intelligent and attractive he's a real Ronan."

4: "The worlds problems can't be solved in a day, we are not all Ronans y'know."
by icypillz February 03, 2010
A hilarious fella with the alcohol intake level of 100 Russian distillers, He's just like Raymond - everyone loves him!
Crossed the mark this time, but hey, You're Ronan! It's fine!
by Joshua Robertson April 20, 2008
the definition of ronan is not quite fully understood. there are very many different definitions for the word Rónán or Ronan.

1) a very strong, attractive, well built, popular, sexy ladiesman. He excels in sport and although is aware of his talents he keeps them to himself. he is the best friend a guy can have and often makes friends with people by the name of patrick, paul, or fringledish (if indian). He himself invented popularity and his powerful build and massive chest, legs and arms make him an all round intensive athelete. Pele and maradon were often referred to as the ronans of their football era.

2) a sexual position involving fire, petrol, match sticks, electricity, a bath tub of water, an electricity operator, a wild bear-man-pig, an innocent hamster with white fur and a blue streak down its back.

the position involves a bathtub filled with petrol, and diluted with water. when a man and a women are making love (women must be on top) in the top, the women must strike the match of the mans beard and drop it into the petrol they are making love in. For every 10 seconds the women does not light the match the voltage will go up by one. Th purpose of the electricity is to jolt the man into action when he becomes tired. The couple cannot escape the inferno or the electricity until both parties have ejaculated. The man-bear-pig must be trained not to maul the couple until they are dying. this will take approximatly 5 minutes, so the man-bear-pig must be obedient. one last lifeline the couple have before the man-bear-pig is set loose is to decapitate a white hampster with a blue streak on its back. this must be done by setting the head of a hampster in the womans hole, and donkey punching her. the couple when finiished will be rejuvinated and madly in love.

As you can see, this act is not often completed.
1) "yo dud, whats wrong"
"man i just lost my girlfriend to another guy"
"well dude.... hit the dweeb, ur 2.2 metres tall and weigh 18 stone... dude ur a boxer"
"no man... to ricky... hes a Rónán bro"
"oh shit... just... just stay away from him man, he would maul both of us..."

2)" did you hear? Josh and his wife pulled off Rónán"
by soccerbabe4477 June 05, 2009
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