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little seal in the sea
ooohhh, look at that ronan over on that rock
by Ben Crawford November 11, 2003
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cool customer never panics cool under presssure
Peter Canavan
by Jimmy neutron December 02, 2003
Lethal lookin he used to go to my school left in 6th year
Brad pitt
by wild st ciarans girl December 02, 2003
These really amazing guys can sometimes be found asleep on a friend or strangers sofa at 6 in the morning during an Electro party. A Ronan, with his alluring and sofisticated manner both entrances and encapsulates his audience to a degree by such that any argument he is making seems to have a Zen like clarity of logic. This characteristic is often mistaken by others for genius. Probably the most wonderful humans on the planet.
1: "That guy is so amazing I think he just changed my whole perception of reality he's a Ronan if I ever met one!"

2: "Man that cult leader nearly pulled a Ronan on me."

3: "Man that guy is funny, intelligent and attractive he's a real Ronan."

4: "The worlds problems can't be solved in a day, we are not all Ronans y'know."
by icypillz February 03, 2010
A hilarious fella with the alcohol intake level of 100 Russian distillers, He's just like Raymond - everyone loves him!
Crossed the mark this time, but hey, You're Ronan! It's fine!
by Joshua Robertson April 20, 2008
Usually a male. Often times Ronan's give rimjobs and enjoy taking long walks on the beach. A common nickname given to a Ronan is "rimjob Ronan"
"guess who gave me a rimjob?" "I bet it was Ronan!"
by e-mami October 14, 2014
To get really drunk and throw up in a public place.
Man, last night I went out and got Ronaned.
by Mark Z April 26, 2005

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