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A political consultant or publicist who tries to get the media to interpret an event, usually embarassing to the client, in a favorable way; a pundit who voluntarily performs the same function
The spinmeisters tried to interpret Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica as an example of his feminist leanings
by cornholio October 04, 2003
8 4
An individual that has mastered the system of life in a sneaky and crafty manner who operates behind closed doors, whose actions only benefit himself, and takes advantage of every opportunity and/or person, regardless of the monetary/emotional price.
Characteristics of Spinmeister: shifty chameleon eyes, smooth-talking manipulator, may be cloaked, glasses like the sister of Doug Funny from the Nickelodeon cartoon Doug (eyes may be covered), pointy Pharaoh-like goatee, Dr. Grant hat from Jurassic Park, perhaps a cane like Dr. Hammond's amber/mosquito studded cane from Jurassic Park, pointy elf shoes (could be modern pointy shoes), bald or grey haired
by Twinkletoes Macgee March 27, 2010
5 3