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Warm And Fuzzy Feelings - a term used when referring to yaoi/yuri fanfics that are more sentimental and mushy romance than all-out fucking (see PWP)
WAFF stories never go far past the citrus rating.
by junkyard prince October 18, 2003
Half-lesbian, half-machine!

May exist in hentai. I'm not sure.
Will Lego come out with Lesbionicles?

She wasn't just an android, she was LESBIONIC!
by junkyard prince October 14, 2003
Webcomic drawn by Jonathan Rosenberg. Contains only one actual goat, though other characters are aliens, a space mummy, a satanic chicken, and a fish that lives in a glass of beer. Located at www.goats.com.
Dammit, I go on vacation for a week and I've missed like 500,000 installments of Goats.
by junkyard prince October 18, 2003
See WAFF. In regards to a yaoi/yuri fanfic, sentimental and mushy. Antonym: PWP.
Duo's such a horny little bugger, how come so many 1x2 fanfics are WAFFy?
by junkyard prince October 18, 2003
The worst of all insults, because it combines all the nostalgia of your mother with the ripping surrealist vibe of your face. Or something.
"u suck"
"ur mother"
"o ya well ur face"
by junkyard prince October 14, 2003
(i.e., to have a look at: to have a shoofty at)
Have a shoofty at those breasts!
by junkyard prince October 05, 2003
Variant of "mad skills", used by someone who has just pulled off something intensely difficult or seemingly impossible -- by way of their immense skills at the task.
"d00d i shot off this guy's balls"
"you can't do that in counter-strike"
by junkyard prince October 10, 2003

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