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A low class hilbilly white trash pop singer who does'nt take care of her childen
Britney Spears parties all night and does'nt spend time with her kids
by juiice February 02, 2007
A young women who was once adorable but who has now evoloved into a bar hopping clubbed out drugged out slut
Lindsay Lohan frequents bars and clubs alot while supposed to be in rehab. she also, i hear, likes to do drugs with her mom
by juiice February 09, 2007
A spoiled talentless skanky racist usless slut
Paris Hilton releases tapes not only showing the world how much of a slut she is but also ones showing that she is a racist cunt
by juiice February 02, 2007
A couple of ugly bad haired trolls who i predict will come out with a sex tape in order to further their fame
We are the olsen twins and we want to be famous eventhough we are ugly little drug addicts
by juiice February 09, 2007
The next who I predict will will release a sex tape
We are the Olsen twins and we want to be even more famous than we are now so we are going to follow in Paris "Whore" Hitons footsteps and make a sex tape
by juiice February 08, 2007
A young starlett who used to be cute but who is now a pathetic drugged out tramp who i heard does drugs with her mom
Lindsay Lohan always looks drugged out and probably smealls like she was in the coatroom with a bunch of guys
by juiice February 08, 2007
An actress who has had too much plastic surgery; bleaches her skin and is a ghetto as can be
Vivica A Fox escorted 50 cent to the vmas we all knew deep down she was ghetto
by juiice February 08, 2007

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