12 definitions by juiice

A a real bad ass from brooklyn whom i wish would kick Paris Hiltons Slutty Racist ass
Lil Kim is a bad bitch from the ghetto who takes shit from no one and whom i would love to see kick paris hiltons skanky racist ass
by juiice February 08, 2007
A women who made millions by writing a book stating her sexploits with rich and famous rappers and entertainers most of them black
How the hell did Karrine Steffans not catch an STD or aids?
by juiice February 08, 2007
A no talented souless greedy celebrity who only cares about herself and her money and does nothing to help poor hispanic communities in America
I am jennifer lopez and i am going to join scientology only for my career and to have an alien baby
by juiice February 02, 2007
A wanna-be actress that will degrade herself with countless famous guys(taking off her cloths screwing every famous guy she can) in order to further her career.
Jessica Biel is said to be jumpin justin timberlake does'nt she have a boyfriend though?
by juiice February 02, 2007
A gorgeous down to earth brilliant actress who was married to a man who looked more feminine than she did and who also did not deserve her
Ryan Phillipe divorced Reese Witherspoon because she won an oscar and he was'nt man enough to handle it.
by juiice February 08, 2007
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