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In Israel, a word used to describe a mentally deformed person with a very small dick.

Also used for describing a stingy person or a liar.
He is so "Oren Kashan"...

I just told a big fat "Oren Kashan" lie...

I went out with him once, but since he has such an "Oren Kashan" dick, I dumped him.
by JtR March 20, 2005
to treat soeone like a slave
that boy just cleaned shit off my shoes, he's a prent
by JTR October 11, 2004
When you are doing a girl from behind and she rips a fart, forcing you to cover your nose with your shirt like a bandana and hold on to her hair so you don't pass out.
I was banging this stanky ho doggy style and she dropped such major ass it turned into a rough rider.
by jtr August 25, 2004
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