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the coolest person in all the land, prent is as cool as a polarbears toenails
woah.....shes a bit of a prent
by annonymous April 22, 2005
The best guy EVER!! Someone any girl would want as a bf (i'm lucky to be his gf) and any guy would want as a friend. He's the best person to ever walk the face of the Earth no questions. If u get the opportunity to meet him, ur probably 1 of the luckiest people ever!!!
I wuv Prent so much ^^
lol and i probably seem kinda dumb making this, but it was just for him ^^
i wuuuuuuv uuuuu
by Kitty^^ October 10, 2010
to treat soeone like a slave
that boy just cleaned shit off my shoes, he's a prent
by JTR October 11, 2004