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When your driving and you roll the windows down in a car while having the heat turned up.
Gilbert and Mikey preferred to roll polish in the winter in Mikey's 82' Gremlin.

C-Ray thought that he would air the car out a little while getting road head by rollin' polish.
by Jrubadub July 25, 2010
The face and physical appearance of an achy that has drank copious amounts of booze, liquor, wine, beer, and spirits for some years - and the effects are showing.

You can spot a person like this a mile away.

Their face is always super red and their nose is bulbous with broken capillaries Their lips are puffy, pale, and drawn into a slobbering grin. Their eyes are all bloodshot and unfocused. Often they have whiskey nubs.
Hutch staggered off his recliner after slamming a forty ounce. He took a huge puff off his pipe packed with Oxy's, then barely made it to the bathroom to vomit.

He peered in the mirror at his haggard alchy face, and then laughed.
by jrubadub July 26, 2010
{noun; Rah-see pa-see}

A group of folks who are fond of drinking Carlos Rossi wine, a cheap ass brand of wine found in gallon sized jugs. Carlos Rossi wine is exceptionally nasty and tastes like concentrated ass.
Tim and Andy used to be a part of the the Rossi Posse until they're teeth got all stained purple from drinking too much.
by jrubadub September 16, 2010
Creepy gay is a kind of behavior that certain gay men display. There is normal gay and even flamboyant gay, and then "Creepy Gay" takes it a whole new level. It's like a person goes out of their way to make sure people know they are gay.

Creep gay behavior includes non-stop staring, smacking lips while talking, and outrageous public descriptions of private sexual encounters.

You don't have to be a homophobe to experience the creepy gay phenomenon.
Rodney: Man, did you see that creepy gay guy out front of the bar?

Ernest: I sure did. I walked by him and he was talking about pickle smooching on his cell-phone, and then when he came into the bar he has been staring non-stop at me for the last 20 minutes even though he knows I have a wedding ring.

Rodney: It's fine to be gay, I guess. But he is creepy gay.
by Jrubadub January 26, 2011
A trick that you play on friends. It's when a male turns his back to his group of friends, unzips his pants and takes out his cock and balls. Then he gently cups them in his hands and tells his friends that he has "caught a baby bird".

When the friends come over to investigate, the male reveals the true nature behind his cupped hands. Usually good for a laugh if done right.
1) Lance was hangin with his sister and 4 friends. He decided to do the old caught a baby bird routine. He turned around, unzipped his pants and told them to come over. They just about dropped dead when he revealed his 13 inch manhood - it looked more like a snake than a baby bird.

2) Zippy did the ole caught a baby bird to some girl outside the bar and spent the night in the greybar hotel.
by Jrubadub November 23, 2010
A huge, paint-peeling, moisturizing, jumbo sized dump. A large, steamy log (shit) of very solid shit.
Skyler took a huge groeder after eating 22 oyster shooters six ears of corn, and a huge plate of greasy refried beans.

Fontana squeezed out a massive 2 foot long groeder, and her boyfriend had to chop it up with a shovel to get it to flush. He also had to use oven cleaner to get the skid marks off the bowl.
by Jrubadub February 16, 2011
When you either knowingly or accidentally shake someones hand with a stringy glob of spunk (sperm) attached to your hand.

The globule is then transferred to the person and they wipe it off in confusion. Usually they are too embarrassed to ask what it is but will often sniff it.
Pokey was spun out on cheap bath tub crank and furiously beat off into an oven mitt. He thought he got all of the jizz wiped up when he was done, but a little was left over on his hand.

Pokey then went to his dealer's house to shoot up and unknowingly gave him a spunk handshake.
by Jrubadub December 29, 2010

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