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A fart that leaves a serious question to oneself and others if a diarrhea squirt or follow-through (shart) has occurred.

A questionable fart will have juicy, wet, rip that sounds like a can of dog food being emptied, and will smell like old hot dogs and rotten eggs. There may or may not be shart behind the fart.

The other main characteristic of a questionable fart is the smell will just keep lingering and won't go away.
1) Kevin was hanging out with his buds playing poker. He laid down a questionable fart after lifting his ass checks and pushing too hard.

He was scared to get up and check his drawers but his friends made him. As he stood up, he felt the warm flow and it was confirmed - he sharted.

Too many Miller lites, greasy pork rinds, and IHOP that morning.

2) Julie was chillin' and ripped a diarrhea fart that was questionable, but she stuck her fingers in her drawers, came out with nothing, then took a long sniff.
by jrubadub August 02, 2010
Coming from the word "Palsy," meaning ill, paralyzed, or loss of sensation.

It's when you get either extremely high off killer Christopher Reeve wheelchair weed AND/OR lit off hardcore booze.

You become "palsied" unable to move, walk, or talk.
Pokey fired up a huge, six paper blunt with super dank wheelchair weed.

He was fucking wrecked. Then, he consumed a fifth of Bellringer gin and huge plate of nachos. After that he was palsied.
by Jrubadub July 14, 2010
A distinct fart one gets when consuming too much draft beer, usually shitty beer from a tap.

The fart smell is described as "sour, potent, and nauseating." Similar to a warm garbage and rotten milk smell. Bad bar food and lifestyle choices magnify the intensity of a draft beer fart.
Smokey had seven draft pints of Hamm's while waiting for his plane at the airport.

After snorting some muscle relaxer's and chugging Monarch vodka in the bathroom, he boarded the plane and found his seat. He had been holding in a greasy draft beer fart for some time.

Mid-way through the flight, he ripped ass and blamed it on the tyke in front of him.
by Jrubadub August 22, 2010
to do activities that are "black", or something a "nigga" would do. Although at first one might think this term is derogatory, in fact it's just a pimp way of saying cool shit you are about to do.

Actives include but are not limited to: eating fried chicken, stealing hubcaps, pimpin' hos and skeezies, drinkin' malt liquor, smokin' a phat ass blunt, packin' crack pipes and getting bent, playing dice, visiting homies in the joint, listening to slammin beats, and finally just straight up cold kickin' it.
Shamar: Yo, what up wit you?

Le Shaun: You gettin' your nig on?

Shamar: Hell yeah, fool. I just smoked a phat blunt. I'm fuckin' smashed! Imma gonna play some dice with with Jamal, Cedrick, and T dog later. You in?

Le Shaun: Fo sho.

Shamar: aight den.
by jrubadub August 12, 2010
A party, usually involving beer sluts or hoodrats, that starts out with a large tarp spread on the ground of the party area.

Then, several cases or jugs of Wesson cooking oil are poured on the tarp and clothes come off. People at the party then jump on the tarp and "slip and slide" around.

Often referred to as "wet humping," the opposite of "dry humping."
Mike: Hey, brosef. Are you going to that Wesson oil party?

Jdub: nah, bro. Jamal is hosting the party and the girls he has hangin`around are meth smoking hoodrats.

Mike: fo shure. Lets go hammer some suds then.

Jdub: hellz yeah.
by Jrubadub March 10, 2010
An overweight woman with horrible eating habits and haggard hygiene. Often they can be spotted wearing large T-shirts with kittens on the front. They smell like old milk and have sweaty pit stains just from walking.

Pudge pusses can be found lurking in shitty casinos, buffets, or greasy trailer parks.
Morty: Man I am glad we made it to our 20 year high school reunion.

Reggie: I know. We can laugh at all the people that are totally fucked.

Morty: Did you see J.J. Martinson? His nose fell off from doing too much coke and Heather Z. is a total pudge puss from smoking Oxy's! She used to be hot but not anymore!

Reggie: I know, I wouldn't fuck her with your dick!
by Jrubadub August 01, 2010
A girl that is so hot she instantly brings a bone popping, stiff erection.

A bone popper will leave you with a two-by-four in your pants for several hours. Medical attention may be required.
Harper walked by Cody taunting him with her luscious looks. Cody knew it was a bad idea to look at her, because she was a bone popper.

He collapsed, all the blood rushing to his stiffy. When he woke up, he was in an ambulance going to the hospital.
by Jrubadub July 16, 2010

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