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Crazy Mother Fucker
he is such a C.M.F
by Allison May 21, 2003
A.K.A the Crazy Mills-Fos. It is similar to the spit roast, it involves 4 people. 2 girls in the middle doing 69 and then a guy on each end going in doggy style.
Millsy and Leigh CMFed the shit outta these 2 Bitches.
by Mr CMF June 10, 2009
acronymn for "calling me fat?"
steve: dang you ordered 2 burritos, 2 burgers, and an apple pie?

juan: cmf?
by jimbo 559 August 29, 2010
Creepy Mother Fucker.

Basically a creeper to the max. The worst kind of creeper. Someone who gives you the heeby jeebies just looking at them.
Mr. Richwood is a major CMF.
by CMFawareness May 19, 2010
Word from the small mountain town of paradise california that means CRAZY MOTHER FUCKER orrrr crazy mountain folk if your wearing it to school.
by kbelie March 14, 2010
Meaning-Crazy Mutha Fuckas
people who go around at night egging cars,doin graffiti,basically anything 2 cause mischief

basically i made this up cause thats wut me and my friends do and thats wut we call ourselves
Victim-Damn those cmf egged my car again!
by $m!LeZ August 02, 2007
Cocky mother fucker
Me: That guy over there is so full of himself
Friend: yeah he's a CMF
by Birdie789 July 31, 2012
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