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3 definitions by jpoo

1.Giant human controlled robot in a series of almost space opera style games, books and boardgames.
Its made from a skeleton of metal (titanium foam) and powered by a fusion reactor which gives it all the power it needs for its many weapons (missiles, lasers, autocannons, flamethrowers, etc.). The drawback is that when using a weapon the reactor has to increase the power output resulting in a wave of heat created inside the 'mech. This is the limiting factor from firing off all the weapons all the time. A human sits inside the mech, usually the head, and controls the machine via joysticks and a neuro interface much like a miniature CAT scan. The interface (basically a big heavy helmet that scans their brain) allows the driver to use their own inner ear to control the massive gyro inside the mech. This means no falling on the face. Which would suck. They usually have forward canted legs (man-walker) or backward canted legs (chicken-walker). A rare few have 4 legs. They weigh between 20 and 100 tons and, unlike anime-styled robots, the physics of the real world hold true. A 100 tonner turns like a drunken moose in the vidgames.
2. a game/book relating to the above robot.
I played so many battlemech games I became a pathetic loser.
by jpoo November 03, 2003
Another name for a honda civic hatchback. usually derogative. unless you're into that sort of thing.
you know that car has the exact same profile as a sheep?
by jpoo November 03, 2003
A man of cuban ancestry who is now horribly pussywhipped and has decided to kill me for some reason. Lewis Black once did a joke on the dumbest thing he's ever heard and how it would cause an aneurysm, leading to his death. Kyoobin was inspired and has since then done the dumbest things possible. Dirty wanker figured out the perfect crime.
Kyoobin's got a nice old car, but his girlfriend won't let him go driving with his friends.
by jpoo November 03, 2003