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A dope smoker that claims to feel "calmer and smarter" while smoking dope.
My stoner wife and her blown out friend smoked too much pot and are now discussing pre-colonial commerce. They are quite the intellectual stoners.
by jovato May 12, 2003
The biggest piece of shit car ever. Designed by BMW and made by a bunch of drunk brittish fuckheads, this car is sure to cost you way too much money and suck the life out of you.
My 2002 mini cooper s is a piece of dogfuck.
by jovato May 14, 2003
1. A arm that acutally grows from ones ass. Derrived from a Galidor figure.
2.The ultimate weapon whilest stoned.
"Don't make me whip out the ass-hand!"
by jovato May 12, 2003
1. Detergent for hair, commonly used by faggots and sissies.
2. Alternate street slang for stain left on couch after fornication.
1. Hell no I don't dirk tea. That is for guys that use shampoo.
2. My roomate banged his sister for six hours last night. There was shampoo all over the couch.
by jovato May 06, 2003
1. My man from the west side.
2. A wicked smart motherfucker.
3. A wire head stuck in a Redmond job.
1. Did you see ultralord today? Poor bastard works with a bunch of motherfuckers that wear their sunglasses indoors.
2. Citrix?!? HA!
by jovato May 21, 2003

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