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4 definitions by josh smith

A female that wipes their ass backwards getting shit in their pussy. AKA the crack hoe whipe.
When I pulled down Sarah's panties, I seen she had given herself a dirty pedro.
by Josh Smith April 28, 2004
143 28
A form of government that isn't completely a dictatorship, and isn't completely a democracy. It is a strange combination of the two.
The nation of Ted has been using an efficient form of dictatocracy for a long time.
by Josh Smith April 09, 2004
8 2
owned, clowned, punk'd...on an extreme level.
He punched you in the face?...Ooh...You got Brinson'd man!...
by Josh Smith June 03, 2004
4 5
reta means your are retarted
will you shut up you reta.
by josh smith February 20, 2005
22 63