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524 definitions by josh

A great American sports car. All though not all variants are great, still has more power than a Civic or Accord. Lets face it, if you need spray to get you up to 80, you don't need to race.
Come on... Roush, Saleen, Shelby, nobody can beat those name affiliations.
by Josh June 19, 2003
when a woman's clitoris hangs down and looks like the gizzard of a turkey's neck.
Lauren was wearing a bikini and her turkey gobbler was hanging out the bottom
by JOSH April 05, 2005
The most humiliating defeat. The only honor-compensating action after you've been LOLLERPWNED is suicide. In ancient days, Samurai who suffered defeat were forced to commit suicide because the shame was believed to be physically unbearable. being LOLLERPWNED is that X lYke 300000!!!11
"d00d, I like screamo."
"like what?"
"You know, story of the year and atreyu"
"You wouldn't know screamo if Daughters knocked on your door with their instruments in one hand and their LSD in the other."

by Josh December 09, 2004
The root word of anthro.

Anthropomorphism - Ascribing human characteristics to non-human things.
Fox McCloud
by Josh April 24, 2004
Caffeinated cola beverage made for the sole purpose of providing you the caffeine you need. 1 592 ml (20 fl. ounces) bottle is about a coffee and a half worth of caffeine.
"Dude, I need to get some jolt for this lan party tonight."
by Josh January 17, 2003
weed, reefer, pot, marijuana.
deez skeedz bams is da dank.
by josh December 14, 2003
The word flaven is a most wonderful and amazing word. A flavorful word meaning a nerd, a person who is single-minded or accomplished in scientific or technical pursuits but is felt to be socially inept, or a person with an unusual or odd personality; The word originates from a character created by Jerry Lewis during his early years with Dean Martin, and, more recently, from a popular animated character in the Simpsons, Professor Frink (Who ironically can also find his roots in the same original source). Professor Frink, the crazy mad scientist, as well as the earlier Jerry Lewis character, are the epitome of geekdom. There are many variations of the word Flaven. Flavin, Flaven-hoyven, Iven Flaven, and GLAVENHAVENMOYVENSCHLOYHEYY!! are just a few examples. Another popular variation is Flaven-Maven, or Maven-Haven. In addition, Glayhaywayven, blavenoyven, gloyvenshmoyven, glutenhoyway, and heyheyheywaywen are strangely popular. A proper pronunciation of flaven requires that the speaker say the word with the utmost urgency, so that the listener can truely grasp the importance of the word. Spoken with a wide-eyed glare and a dramatic tweaking of the vocal chords, this and other similar words not only will provide years of pleasure and joy to you personally, but will delight and stimulate those around you with the heart to embrace it. The next time you see a skinny kid hunched over a computer, glasses thick enough to burn out his corneas with the light of the monitor, in a half-dazed drooling display of eerie sedation, sneak up behind him and in your most commanding tone, yell out "FLAVEN". Yes, Flaven. Sure to propel your maven skyward in a true display of utter havenwaven.
"Well, it should be obvious to even the most dim-witted individual who holds an advanced degree in hyperbolic topology, n'gee, that Homer Simpson has stumbled into.... the third dimension. bhay-gn-flaven!"
by Josh January 03, 2004