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fubu with mixed up letters.
the dislexic black man was wearing his bufu
by Josh October 09, 2004
All the other definitions of wristy are wrong. The wristy is actually sort of a "high-five" alternative where one bends his/her wrist about 45 degrees, also making a very slight fist, and makes contact at the wrist of another person doing the same thing. Used to celebrate the mention of the number five, a shared amusement, or a mere agreement.
Josh: Yo, I'ze about to get me FIVE delicious BURRITOS from CHIPOTLE!
Chris: Yut! *wristy, both for the five and the excellent choice of CHIPOTLE*

by Josh June 02, 2006
school in Pittsford New York full of potheads and nasty slutty bitch girls and their sports teams are not nearly as good as Sutherlands
Sutherland beat Mendon 3 times last year in basketball
by Josh October 10, 2004
Gia C.
Gia C.
by Josh October 12, 2003
This term is also used to mean gay asian male.
Hey check out that lum over there.
by Josh April 11, 2005
Is the most badass mutha fucka from Hell!!
Here tic is teh Masta!
by Josh November 09, 2004
A trooper in the US Army.
The best damn soldier to ever wear a stettson.
See cavalry scout
I wouldn't mess with him, he's a cav scout.
by Josh May 29, 2004

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