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A term used in Spain that's slang for vagina. In other words it means pussy. Additionally, it is used in the southern region of Spain, Andalucia, to mean chick. Essentially, it is the counterpart of picha. In Gaditano dialect, the lingo of Caidz, it is pronounced "shosho".
-Me pica el chocho. A lo mejor tengo los piojos púbicos. (crabs).

-¿Que pasa chocho?
-Nada, picha.

-Tengo un chocho electrico
by E Hella August 19, 2006
Another name for a vagina
i want to have some of that chocho tonight
by Geo November 19, 2002
Vulgar: Spanish slang for cunt ~ Derogatory
Specific to areas of Argentina and Spain

That little chocho took off with my wallet.
by Austin Nagele July 22, 2006
Butterfly. It's written as "cio-cio" in Italian, and Cio-cio is the name of the main character in the opera Madama Butterfly. In English it is usually spelled cho-cho. It's used more commonly as a pet's name than as a slang word for butterfly.
The calico kitten was dappled with so many colors that she looked like a pretty little butterfly. He decided to name her Cho-cho, his pretty cho-cho.
by farfalla September 06, 2009
Cho-Cho (Sechium edule) is a fruit grown in warmer climates i.e. Jamaica, Florida, etc.

Also known by the names Chayote, Mirliton, Cho Ko, Cho-Cho, Vegetable Pear, Christophene.
You will need two Cho-Cho for the Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce.
by Idahojan January 19, 2009
Chocho refers to the act of dating, or the person you are interested in that you are currently dating. Chochos usually get upgraded to Girlfriend 1.0, unless the guy finds out she's psycho/unfit for a normal, humane relationship. Chocho is strictly a term used for the female human species.

Chocho is an affectionate term that represents some kindled interest in the woman a man is dating. A man does not refer to his Chocho as his Chocho in front of her too early on in the dating game. A Chocho can only be referred to as Chocho in her presence when he is sure she will be upgraded to GF 1.0. Telling a woman she's your Chocho on the first date just makes you sound like you want some sexytime, and that is not going to happen.
Girl: What's a chocho?
Guy: I'll tell you next week.

Guy: Baby, you're my chocho. I want to upgrade you to GF 1.0.

Friend: Dude, I don't mean to crash in on your chocho (i.e. date) with her, but could you lend me some cash?
by JackBeanstalk February 20, 2011
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