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12 definitions by jonty

Short for Newtownards ("newt-nards")

a town in Northern Ireland where you will find fegs, Richmonds of course, spoons, Rigger and Leonard with their 3 leets
"u just stayin in ards tonite aye? spoons yeh?"
by Jonty September 08, 2004
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See monster plus

The same as a monster plus cocktail in spoons, except with the addition of anywhere between 3-7 extra vodkas.

Has, in all seriousness, been known to turn people's shite green
"mate fuck monster plus i'm gonna get a monster times.... my ring's gonna go mad in the mornin tho"
by Jonty September 08, 2004
3 0
an offensive name ofr a russian
shuddup you bloody kalakarashnikov, even georgia beat you in rugby
by jonty October 16, 2003
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An extension of the cheapest cocktail jug available in spoons, the Monster Reef.

Clearly the monster reef is for fags, but when it becomes the monster plus, with the addition of 2 extra vodkas it is quite acceptable.
"fuckin don't get a fuckin monster reef mate, at least mate it a monster plus"
by Jonty September 08, 2004
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A very large "superking" cigarette or feg
"mate... you're smokin fucken baseball bats"
by Jonty September 08, 2004
2 3
The language of the mukai's.
It replaces most vowels with a very exclusive sound not able to be described with english letters. The speaking of mukai is very flexible to change and is done in a mon otonous highish pitched voice
stop speaking mukai man, its really annoying
by jonty October 14, 2003
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