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A Phrase used when referring to an anonymous Druggie, used in much the same way as Joe Bloggs and Little Jonny Six-Pack

Part of MSC Dialect
"Phhh.... VOC Maths is so easy any old Tom the Druggy could do it!"
by Jones November 22, 2004
Fast car
That EIL132 can proper shift
by Jones August 23, 2003
A town in germany, also a phrase used to indicate the presence of a noun, verb, adjective.

See humourous misallocation of words.
Hey schlieben.
What's schlieben?
by Jones December 18, 2003
An anomolous expression usually connotating contentment. Used in conjunction with "un"
see also schlieben
Un schlieben staben!
by Jones December 18, 2003
martti is short for marakatti in finnish (marakatti is a famous monkeyman)
Gee, look that martti climbing on that tree
by Jones February 25, 2005
An occasion where there is no reasonable justification for being involved.


A notoriously dead-end situation for which there is no clear or obvious escape.
Man, my job is a real bobey.


That show last night was a huge Bobey.
by Jones June 18, 2004
touching the area between the ballsack and the ass and wiping any subsequent fluids on another person or thing.
dave just gooched on bob's face, this is unfortunate for bob as that is disgusting
by jones April 20, 2005

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