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A step up from gr8 or "great"
Wow thats fucking gr9!
by TrxR4Tony August 12, 2003
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When is something is of exceptional greatness, it's not even gr8, it's gr9. The awesomeness is so overpowering, it becomes GR9
Hipster: Ugh this movie is so gr9 xoxo
by herpingthederp February 20, 2011
Shortened form of "great", but adjusted for inflation; it should be used when gr8 just won't suffice due to the current economic conditions.
See also gr8
"OK, I'm going to try to teleport below this guy"
* Team Kill Penalty -50g *
"Gr9 job, Dan, now how are we supposed to win?"
by Kaseki September 13, 2006
When something is so beyond gr8, that it's gr9.
Did you hear Christy's vintage record player? It sounds gr9!
by SJCCMM March 22, 2015
kevin's way of say lacks sense...
"Dude, are you going to the concert?"
"Yea man its gunna be gr9."
by jones December 01, 2004

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