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63 definitions by joe725

The tan lines one gets while tanning and listening to their iPod.
I listened to my iPod for too long when I was tanning, now I have an iTan.
by joe725 September 04, 2007
An extremely stupid word that no one uses.
loser: I ove you

person: Go fuck yourself
by joe725 May 28, 2007
Usually very ignorant. Gets into Metal through bands like Slipknot. They start feeling cool and unique and need to express how Metal is the supreme genre.

How to spot one

1) Says a guitarist isn't good if they can't play fast.
2) Says a guitarist isn't good if they can't play technical.
3) Blasts Metal on their iPods thinking someone will ask them what they are listening to so they can show off how awesome they think their musical taste is to others.
4) Tries to introduce you to Metal by telling you all bands you like suck.
5) Thinks all bands that aren't Metal have no talent.
6) Doesn't know what good Metal vocals are.

Newbie Metalheads usually smarten up, they usually take up guitar and realize that speed isn't everything. Wanting to compose music they go through the tons of influences of their influences and from there they go to their influences which leads them into lots of music which isn't Metal. Then they become people who are open to tons of music, having liked music that is condemned by most people.
person: Do you like N.W.A.?
newbie Metalhead: RAP IS CRAP!
by joe725 November 21, 2007
Something you say to someone when they're telling a really bad story.
person: So I was walking home from school today, and I dropped my Math book...
person 2: And then you found 20 dollars?
by joe725 October 23, 2007
A deragatory term for an anorexic person
nicole richie is such a stick bug!
by joe725 September 22, 2006
A Jew with a very long neck, combination of "Jew" and "Giraffe".
person 1: Wow she has a long neck!
person 2: And she's Jewish!
person 1: She's a Jewraffe!
person 2: ROFL! I'm gonna put that on Urban Dictionary!
person 1: LOL! awesome!
by joe725 April 09, 2007
a girl that tries to tan all the time but cant and ends up getting sunburned all the time
you're such a lobster skin! you keep trying to tan you're going to get skin cancer
by joe725 September 22, 2006