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Expression used in The North Of England meaning good
Ah, thats well mint!
by jms November 01, 2002
A person who is from an upper middle class family and typically went to private or PREP school (boarding or day). They wear clothes from Brooks Brothers, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, J. Crew, J. Press, and L.L. Bean (to name a few) because they will never go out of style. They dress this way because they have acquired good taste from their parents and peers. Preps do NOT, as many non-preps seem to believe, wear Abercrombie, Hollister, or American Eagle. These people are merely poor(bad) imitators. However, being preppy is a lifestyle not a fashion. There is more to being a prep than just dressing tastefully. Being a prep means that you most likely attended Cotillion once a month as you grew up, spent summers at the cape or somewhere similar, play tennis, like to watch crew, and love horseback riding. Being a prep means that you have a certain way of speaking wether it be locust valley lockjaw or Boston Brahmin. All preps have read The Official Preppy Handbook (1980) and all non-preps who think they know what a prep is should read it.
Biff: "When do you think people will stop refering to average public school kids as preps just because they pop their collars?"

Skip: "I guess the same time they realize that true preps don't shop at Abercrombie and Fitch."
by JMS September 14, 2005
The caravan that the pope goes about in
The popemobile was made in letchworth
by jms October 25, 2002
Newcastle slang for alright
Alreet, going down the grove tonight?
by jms November 01, 2002
Insertion of dirty language into normal script
by jms October 25, 2002
A town in North Hertfordshire that is full of weirdos. The popemobile was made there.
Im going to Letchworth tommorow
by jms February 01, 2003
1.v.To lightly finger (Yokel-speak)
2.v.Variation on scoop and screw
3.n.A small badger-like creature that lives in the hills of Hertfordshire (Baldock Speak)
1.Ooh arr! Tra'errr? Youest be scop'n that there sloth 'gain Jamie-poo?
2.a) I had a great scroop last night
b) He scrooped the screw in
3.Like what is done derr scroop yeh uh Buwdockk
by jms February 01, 2003

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