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1. wikkid - (adjective)- Slang: a misspelling of the word 'wicked' which is slang for 'awesome', 'cool', or any word or phrase that expresses something being impressive, awe-inspiring, remarkable, incredible, outstanding or exciting, the best, the shit, the bomb, etc. This definition has been around since the 50's or more. Can also mean fun, funny, sexy, hardcore, chill, non-chalant, laid-back.

The New England slang of the word only defines an adverb that express the degree of the word or phrase. Such as: very, really, well, so, hella, totally (so awesome, very cool, hella crazy, totally awe-insipring, fuckin' nuts/crazy). This definition actually denotes both adverb and adjective, as in the previous examples. Wikkid can express an extreme degree, usually indicated by the excitement in the vocal emphasis and volume. "Yeah, that's wikkid." (That's cool.) or "CHECK THAT OUT! THAT IS WIKKID!" (CHECK THAT OUT! THAT IS FUCKIN' AWESOME!"

~Anyone who votes 'Thumbs down' for this definition is seriously confused.~

2. wikkid - a person who's personality, demeanor and presence are made up of all the following qualities: Non-chalant, cool, extraordinary, awe-inspiring, amazing, intense, brilliant, sweet, funny, sexy/beautiful/hot and crazy (in a fun, exciting way).

3. Wikkid - This is also my infamous nickname among friends and women which describes my personality (see definition 2.) and the impact I have on people. I'm Wikkid and anyone who doesn't think so is sadly mistaken.
1. "That is (so/really/very) wikkid!" (That is (so/really/very) awesome, great, brilliant, fresh, dope, badass, phat, bitchin', pimp, hot, sexy, etc.)
"You are wikkid!" (You are amazing, extraordinary, awesome, exciting, crazy, fun, funny, etc.)

2. "She/he is so wikkid" (See definition 2. for explanantion)

3. "I'm Wikkid and I'm out." - need I explain this?
by Wikkid/Bobby Eaton December 30, 2006
cool, nice, so fresh & so clean
man 1: whoa - did u see the new t-bird?
man 2: naw.
man 1: imma jack one & put some 20's on it.
man 2: what color?
man 1: who gives a shit, the car looks WIKKID
by Anonymous January 31, 2003
Out of control good, like you know your cruisin' down broad nipple and mad ho's give you the "look" but of course your into dudes so you don't care, but still if it was me on the other hand...
Man Mic is surely wikkid, I bet that boy can eat 20 burritos without shitting his pants.
by Mcdizzle fa Rizzle September 28, 2006
See wicked. This is a variation of spelling for New England's wicked, meaning very. It is a pretty all purpose word.
That movie was wikkid scary man.
by Demosthenes March 27, 2005
Used by conrey horrorcore artists
"I'm a wikkid retard with fake blood on my halloween mask."
by Wik-Kid January 31, 2003
1. To be of a wikkid nature. 2. Generally described as being wikkid.
1. Too fuckin' wikkid. 2. KillJoy is fuckin' wikkid for life eternal.
by Wikkida Music January 31, 2003
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