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chavs who create terror in the community.the bastard chavs who stand outside ur skool pickin fights with people.
trolroyd is the head chavorrist
by jimcharlton April 19, 2005
a kid who look like a rat
a kid who live poor
a kid who like to rumage in bins
that of which marcus has many
hey rodent features,u poor ugly kid, get the hell outa my bin
by jimcharlton April 18, 2005
used to describe black people, based on the lil nigger on the back of robinsons jam jars called the gollywog.
turn the lights back on i cant see the wogs
by jimcharlton April 19, 2005
a person with a minor physical ailment that would be polite to ignore, but more fun to emphasize
boden you divvy what you doin touchin your sister
by jimcharlton April 18, 2005

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