when something is boden, it means something is really fucking cool.
Chris: Was it boden?
Jesus: Nah, it was only bodenesque.
by Chris Ly September 12, 2003
means "awesome" or "great" not gay or anything of that such
thats hard-core boden
by Tha King March 25, 2005
When your Penis is extrodinarly huge.
That 80 year old man had a mega raging boden.
by BoGO 69 May 14, 2006
An extremely fat joint.
Holy shit, Johannes just rolled the hugest fucking Boden.

Dude, Brad's got greens on the Boden this time.
Jay put too much weed in the Boden, we gotta re-roll this bitch.
by Jay the Charmander August 05, 2009
some one with a massive arse
wow her arse is huge

ye its a real boden
by freddy iii June 20, 2007
The act of fucking a severed head through the mouth down into the oesophagus and repeating the action until ejaculating.
"Oh Sylvia, theres nothing better than waking up in the morning and giving your head a good Boden" exclaimed Edward in a heightened sense of climactic ecstasy.
by The Snoob December 28, 2007
comes from german

it means "dirt" or "path"

also means "really fucking cool"
or "gayness"
see prev definitions.
by boden June 02, 2004

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