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Illegally elected President of the US, redneck puppet of an incompetent and corrupt administration. Can't speak English let alone govern the worlds largest military power, prone to making mistakes such as invading sovereign nations illegally.

See also twat
"They misunderestimated me"
by Jimbo September 10, 2004
1. a word used in exclamation.
2. keener than keen.
Jana: Hey, I just heard Orlando Bloom has a new movie!
Melissa: Superkeen!!!
by Jimbo May 13, 2004
A poof, a doughnut puncher, colon cowboy, arse farmer, a crafty butcher
That Keith Chegwin's a fuckin kackpipe cosmonaught
by Jimbo February 23, 2004
a big heavy box full of queer
D: OMG that guy is soo hot.
J: OMG you are such a queerbox.
by Jimbo March 14, 2005
Home planet of the eVo race.
The Island of eVo can be found on Pluto, the planet which recently was disgarded from our solar system because it's shit.

eVoVia consists of 1 island, on this island there are the eVovians: see water based creatures

The land is ran by: Chinese - to make rice.
Prof. Jim: Creates inventions to benifit those of the island: see Magnetic Road Surface and/or Druggie

The Jesus: Founder of the Temple Of Ja, situated on eVo peak: see Huge Mountain and/or Stoner
John: The pimp of eVoVia, he seeks to pwnage women 24/7: see God's Gift and/or LSD fan

Not many people have returned from eVo island to tell the tale, this is because eVo island is so good that you woulden't wish to return to this dump ever again.

More info: see Stoners . Druggies . Suicidal . Overactive Imagination . Crime Scene Investigatiors . Loonies . evo.org.uk
Man evo is king
Man evo is legend
Man..evo is stoned
by Jimbo December 10, 2004
Master Yau brought the style to Britain when he came here in 1961. In 1972 the British Kung Fu Association was set up, and Master Yau being the current keeper of the Lau Gar style was invited to be chief instructor. Subsequently Lau Gar has become Britain's most popular (and widespread) form of Chinese boxing.
"man are you ok? you've been in the toilet for a while..
by Jimbo December 07, 2004
Person who listens to ska
What bands do you like?
Reel big fish,aqua bats,guys like that.
Oh, so your a ska-banger.
by Jimbo August 27, 2004

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