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A person who always kicks back, kicks it, relaxes. One who rarely shoulders responsibility and avoids stress and anxiety.
Jake is either grafted to the couch, the back yard hammock, the lounge chair, or the lazyboy... or still in bed.
by jim christ December 20, 2006
word invented and made famous by Steve Miller in song "The Joker" also misnomered as "Space Cowboy" that means - splendor, magnificence, suave pageantry
1. Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
Some call me the gangster of love
Some people call me maurice
Cause I speak of the pompitous of love

2. After years of lacking belief and complaining by the fair cubana, Jim and Dulce shared the pompitous of love and life when they finally got together on the wild west edge.
by jim christ August 08, 2008
mutation from the Latin meaning "always a dog", always being a dog, always base and self-gratifying, always begging handout, freebees, sex, gratuities. Always "dogging it".
When Zeb related to ladies and friends in his base self-serving way he was "Semper Fido" - always doglike.
by jim christ November 29, 2007
rectum removal either by actual surgery or in a comical sense - by removing an "asshole" from a room, group or other situation.
When Kenny kept making off-color comments and acting the part of a complete asshole, Jimmy Ray decided to remove him from the room and performed a rectumectomy for the good of the group.
by jim christ December 04, 2007
1. One of the greatest cigars in the world. Once hand rolled in Cuba, now from Dominican Republic.

2. Count of "Montecristo" - famous wronged individual who served decades in prison until escape and treasure gave him means to correct injustice.

3. Location on west coast of California habitated by Jimmi C and his favorite Chinavieja.

1. Jimmi Ray lit a Montecristo, put on a CD by Jimmy Buffet, poured himself a Mojito and pulled Dulce Maria on to his lap for a sunset moment.

2. Edmund Dantes escaped prison by hiding in a bag that the guards thought contained a dead man, went to an island where he found a massive treasure and then moved back home and took the name "Count of Montecristo" as he tied up a few loose threads in sweet revenge.

3. Jimmi Ray worked for 20 years as a measure, inspector and advertising guy and then retired to a place he called "Montecristo" where the Russian River became the Pacific Ocean.
by jim christ May 12, 2008
football plays/playbook invented by John "Spot" and Jimmy "Weasel" at Redondo Union High School in the mid 60's which were comprised of quick passes that could not be defended. Probably the original "West Coast Offense" later coined and used in NFL by Bill Walsh and company.
When John and Jimmy started moving the ball downfield with the "pansy play" Larry, Dear Old Dad, Ears, Walter, David, Tyler and others could not defend it!
by jim christ January 27, 2009
Various pretensions and desperate believings manufactured, brainwashed and clung to in order to compensate for and quell the fear of THE UNKNOWN. Usually take the form of religions and cults.
1. Omar had been brainwashed into the way of the crescent moon prophet from an early age and was firmly entrenched in his make beliefs.

2. When Donna hit bottom in Key West; her anxiety and desperation led her to Jesus and a ready made group of make beliefs.

3. Even though raised Roman Catholic, Madonna gravitated to Caballa and other Judaic nuances to fill a void in her system of make beliefs.
by jim christ April 01, 2009
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