43 definitions by jester

That OFA is really holding Bill back.
by Jester October 30, 2004
Eat the shit while it is coming out of my ass. Before it hit the air.
You can "No Air Me"
by Jester February 22, 2004
Big Ol' Pillow Stupid Ass Words

syn -big titted bimbo
When some bitch with big cans says something dumb, sing the batman theme and say BOPSAW instead
by Jester December 24, 2002
a term for a ugly, dumb black dog
nate was walking his pooper butt of a mutt.
by jester November 27, 2003
Call made to tell significant other you just nailed (got nailed by) someone other than them.
"Hi honey, just lettin you know I just banged -insert name- and well they screw better bye.
by Jester December 24, 2002
one big bogus thing!
she totally stood me up, that's so bogue!
by jester September 30, 2003
a person who becomes fanaticaly religous when drinking
after having a couple of gin's steve told everyone at the bar that they were going to hell. his friend explained that he was bfs.
by jester November 27, 2003
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