43 definitions by jester

fuck you - nothing you say or do could make you matter to me, I am actually upset that you are stealing my air
You know what I think about you? whateva..
by Jester December 26, 2002
Booty so bad it brings tears to your eyes.
person 1: "yo, dat beotch got onion booty"
person 2: "werd"
by Jester October 28, 2003
Gerbil King - someone who puts gerbils in their ass and like the way they wriggle
Lemmewinksthe danger's still ahead, hurry onward lemmewinks or you will soon be dead
by Jester December 24, 2002
alternate spelling - Gerbil king
See - lemmewinks
by Jester December 24, 2002
you see that fembot kevin is dating?
by jester September 30, 2003
Having to with clothes and or fashion.
You can be considered Faconable or a Fashionista if your Couture is up to date.
by jester November 30, 2003
so outta luck
by jester September 30, 2003

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