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A vacant lot is a place you go when you wanna get high or drunk or laid or any of that other shit without the police comin and finding some gay ass reason to arrest you
I went to the vacant lot to get hammered
by Jessica April 11, 2005
A stupid, racist publication who not only hired Whitney McNally but allowed her to put out the trash article "Gay or Asian?"
Details Magazine should rot on the newsstands.
by Jessica April 09, 2004
She's the best singer in the world NOT a poser and NOT punk! she's HERSELF and thats what rock about her! She comes from Napanee, Ontario Canada (CANADA ROCKS!) She fights for what she wants and noone eever going to make her do something she does nbot want to . She's an inspiration to alot of girls and shes a great rolmodle.Shes gonne triple platnum for both of her CD's and is currently on her "Bonez" international Tour! GO AVRIL GO!
Me: OMG Guess What!!!
Me:Im gonna see avril in sepember!!!!!!!!
friend:OMG NOW WAY!

ps:To all who ppl who says shes a poser ;shes not the poser you guys are how the hell could she be a poser if shes being herself?
by jessica August 08, 2005
wen ppl ask 2 see u naked on cam n boys wank 4 u... girls caress themselves and finger themselves etc
ooh sexy u wana cam2cam?
by Jessica March 26, 2005
Kids on livejournal.com and other such sites that take thousands of pictures of themselves, most of these pictures look nearly exactly the same as the last picture usually. The irony is that 75% of picture whores claim to believe they're ugly.
Having picture whores on your LJ friends list is annoying, especially if they don't use LJ cuts, so you go to your friends page and it takes an hour to load.
by Jessica May 29, 2005
1. A great punk-rock band from California which consists of Billie Joe Armstrong(Lead vocals and guitarist), Mike Dirnt(Bassist), Tre Cool(Drummer) and when they play live, Jason White(2nd guitar). Formally known as "Sweet Children", Green Day was named after a segment on Seaseme Street when one of the characters said something along the lines of "This is such a green day!" Former drummer was Al Sorbrante who quit the band after their first album 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours which was released in 1991. Anyone who comes here to bash Green Day has no life and needs learn to respect all types of music.
Jen: The best Green Day album is Nimrod!
Bob: No, I think the best Green Day album is Dookie!
by Jessica March 21, 2005
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