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a big star, celebrity
Michael Jordan is a monstar
by Jessica November 24, 2003
Someone who has a big dick
"She was rubbing my monstarrrr"
by bigfella99 September 05, 2011
Team that was defeated by the Toon Squad; My family made on the Sims 2. Father, bill Mother, SaMANtha,and son poop
The Monstars had a dinner party last night.

I love celery.
by henery February 18, 2005
A delicious mix between a Monster Energy Drink and a Rockstar Energy Drink.
"Oh man, what was that AWESOME drink I just had?!"

"Oh that little peach? That is called a MON-STAR, a combination of Monster and Rockstar."
by TheOneWhoCreatedIt January 05, 2010