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cam0 was the kid who hacked Paris Hiltions phone book and turned himself in. He ended up getting 11 months in Juvi. He was part of the AOL/AIM scene that hack screen names and make programs to help do so.

search "Teenager Pleads Guilty to Hacking Into Hilton's Cell Phone" in google for more info.
Paris Hilton: Omg cam0 haxed mah phone and I didn't notice till it wuz on teh news!
cam0: lawl pwnt bitch!
cam0: shit i feel bad about this
cam0: (on the phone) hello, fbi? ya i did it lolz
cam0: juvi here i come!
by justinxcore April 24, 2006
An extraordinary hacker who gets paid to do absolutely nothing by commiting various illegal acts such as credit card fraud, a0 haxoring, and ATM pin jacking.
Yo that kid looks like cam0.
by JESSICA November 19, 2003
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