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the act of giving a handjob under a jacket in a theater.
did you hear about jessica bagjacketing alex?!
by jess-to-the-ica May 09, 2008
the sneakiest sneak you will ever meet. he can get away will just about anything. jonathang
mr. sneaky just crawled across the class without being noticed!
by jess-to-the-ica May 20, 2008
device used to locate and view a microscopic penis.
i had to use a bagnifying glass to see Alex's penis.
by jess-to-the-ica May 20, 2008
my bestest friend who usually is having a party in his pants... and youre invited!
mr party pants is inviting you to his next party!
by jess-to-the-ica May 20, 2008
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