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A relatively common porno fetish that includes one sperm recipient, usually of the female variety, and at least 3 or more sperm donors. Usually the recipient either kneels down on the ground, or sits on a couch and the men (usually in a circular formation as to encompass the recipient) proceed to pleasure themselves until they each climax upon the face/body of the recipient. The end result is usually that an already demoralized, emotionally damaged girl is damaged even further, and a couch is ruined.
Female porn star: "I can't believe you participate in bukkakes. I mean, Im no saint but at least I just stick to regular vaginal sex scenes."

Female porn star 2: "The more loads you can take, the more money you make. However, each bukkake scene I do just further crystallizes my future as a permanent cum dumpster."
by jeffrotull87 February 15, 2012
The state or status of being a total, and complete tool. Many people share this outlook of the guidos from Jersey Shore, Brett Michaels, Chad Kroeger from Nickelback, Kanye West, and various other celebrities. Most people (including the aforementioned) who achieve this position cannot help but continually act in such a manner that only further increases there tooldom and there infamous reputations for being a tool.
Guy 1: "I think i should cover my truck in harley stickers, drape my last name across the entire windshield, and get my ears pierced with pipe-wrench shaped earings like that fag, Steve."

Guy 2: "Yeah, then you will have achieved complete tooldom."
by jeffrotull87 January 22, 2012
A womans crotchal region that exudes a dank, mildewey odor. Can usually be remedied by showering with soap, or deusching.
John: "So how did it go last night with Karen?"
Jimmy: "All good till we made it to the bedroom. She barely got her pants off before I caught a wiff of her musty muff."
by jeffrotull87 February 15, 2012
An unusual move that two people can use as a prelude to sex, or you can do it just for fun. The woman (the burnee) lays flat on her back looking at the ceiling, while the male (the burner) sits on her face, placing the womans nose firmly in his ass, while facing the womans feet. The burner then begins to make an "ErrrRRRRRR!" sound as if he is burning rubber on asphault. He then releases the brakes (metaphorical brakes), and proceeds to slide his ass down the girls face towards her abdomen, while still making the "ErrrrrRRRRR!!!" sound. If done correctly, this will leave a brown streak from the womans nose down to her chin, similar to hot rubber left on the asphault from a car doing a burnout. If you burnout to fast though, you can lose control and swerve off the face, and bed (or other location) possibly causing injury, and leaving crooked shit streaks instead of straight ones.
Jeff: "Hey man, I finally talked my girlfriend into letting me burnout on her face last night!"

Brett: "Hell yes, that's awesome! What a slut!"

Jeff: "I know I realized afterwards that I didnt want to be in a relationship with a whore who would let me defile and demoralize her like that, so I gave her 20 bucks for cabfare and told her skank ass to get the fuck out."

Brett: "Dude, I just burned out on your sister after lunch today."
by jeffrotull87 January 10, 2012
The fourth "S". What you do after you shower, shit, and shave.
Bill: "Hey man what took you so long to get here? Kickoff was 10 minutes ago!"

Ray: "Sorry man I barely had time to do the 4 S's and stop at the liquor store before the game started."

Bill: "4 S's? I thought there were only 3."

Ray: "nope, 4. Shower, shit, shave, and schmasturbate."
by jeffrotull87 February 15, 2012
Your own individual attributes that make you, and define you as a tool. Every tool has there own essence, and varying degree of toolness that defines how big a tool he/she is.
Guy 1: "Hey man what do you think of Paul Teuttle Sr.?"

Guy 2: "I believe he exudes an extreme level of toolness, big- time. His pretentious handlebar mustache, teamed with his tight tanktops and roid'd up, tat'd up looking muscles, his losing personality, and the gay ass theme bikes he pays other people with skills to build for him, all contribute to his toolness."
by jeffrotull87 January 22, 2012

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