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A "space cruise" is a long drive, usually on desolate roads, in which the people in the car smoke marijuana and get high during the drive. The term is thought to have originated on the Iron Range.
Dude, we can't smoke pot in the house because my parents are home. Let's jump in the car and go on a space cruise.
by jediracer July 12, 2006
When you are playing hackey sack with your buddies, and the hackey sack accidentally gets kicked staright into your balls, you have been thompsoned.
We had a pretty good hack going, then all the sudden I accidentally kicked it straight into Peter's balls. Boy did he get thompsoned!
by jediracer September 08, 2006
a female vagina
Dude, I was down in my girl's golden valley last night..I could eat that shit for hours!
by jediracer January 15, 2009
Daytime: noun. The quality or condition of being dramatic.

It's a replacement word (synonym) for "drama."
For example: if your girl (or guy) is acting all dramatic say, "Damn, why you gotta be so daytime?!"

Or you are observing someone making a scene at the bar or something, you would say, "Damn, that bitch is daytime!"

Or we could say, "There's a whole 'lotta daytime up in these forums!"
by jediracer September 15, 2006
Comic book collecting.

Panelology is a hobby that treats comic books and related items as artwork to be sought after and preserved.
That panelologist has a collection of over 2,000 well-preserved and well-protected comic books. He's really into panelology.
by jediracer February 02, 2007
Slang term for a "mobile device"
Check out my new BlackBerry, it's a pretty sweet modev.

The phone is but one tiny function on my modev.
by jediracer June 09, 2009
When a man thrusts his penis between a woman's large, soft butt-cheeks, eventually ejaculating on he back. Similar to titty-fucking, but with the butt-cheeks. No penetration, just a jack off with the cheeks.
I got up behind her and totally pillow topped that bitch. I was pillow topping her again and again, then blew my wad right up her back.
by jediracer July 06, 2010

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